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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Get out of the COMPARISON TRAP !!!

“Do they eat any better than you???” “Do they get any better facilities than you???” Tola Ram, father of Manoj shouted on his son so unexpectedly. While Manoj was wondering to know whether any of his previous year's academic report card has been found by his father or what other matter is it which is helping his father in his routine work of scolding and comparing him with others, he got to know that that day his neighbour's son, and a relative who lives at large from them has secured marginally more percentage than what was secured by him in his senior secondary exams. Manoj never thought that this topic will again bring him sadness when after three years have passed and he had no more relations with the senior secondary board. But to his dismay, every other mark that he couldn't secure was hitting him in his heart and he was being compared by his inch tape parents with others.

“Even the toilets of their houses are of classic Indian style” :P The father resorted to say. “Wahi acche nikle phir toh...” (they have become good) his father continued to compare while manoj was listening and cursing himself in his heart that why couldn't he score that much

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Grief of a Panipuri Wala !!!

Babu , a street vendor selling panipuri (golgappa or gupchup), commonly known as Babu Gol Gappe wala by his permanent customers, even used as a landmark by some to recognize the place), has claimed of incurring losses in excess of Rupees one lakh  per year due to his women customers insisting on extra paani (flavored and salted water) and free puri (hollow and fried bread) without paying extra for those delicacies.
“They give commercially irrational excuses like ‘Bhaiya, ek aur de do na, bachchi maang rahi hai’ or simply insist on getting extra puris (Papdi) for free just because they have bought and consumed a few earlier,”