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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Overcoming Inferiority Complex !!!

(1) If you have an inferiority complex find out why. Use this a-b-c approach by asking yourself these questions.
(a) What are some of the whys and wherefores of my feelings of neurotic inferiority? How did my inferiority complex come about? Am I trying to attain an unattainable goal? (b) Have I been resorting to negative forms of over-compensation? (c) What disciplinary steps can I take to eliminate the handicap of feeling inferior?

(2) Have a conscious recognition of your major limitation or deficiency. Do not try to dodge. Dr W.W. Dyer aptly observes, “Just learning to appreciate life without cursing reality all the time, and so destroying your one chance for happiness now, can be both the first and last step in your pursuit of complete fulfillment.”
(3) Don’t worry about having to impress people. Adopt a relaxed attitude. Be your real “you”. It is the key secret of feeling at ease around people.
(4) Avoiding things you dislike only deepens your feelings of inferiority. You can’t overcome social shyness or awkwardness by being a stay-at-home. Get to meet people and try to be a good mixer.
(5) Stop walking backwards. If you do nothing else, stand still until you are able to take a step forward. Remember that self - reliance comes with acceptance of responsibilities and discharging them. Take the responsibility on your shoulder and it will leave no room for chips.
(6) If you want to feel big—think big.
(7) Convince yourself that you get what you give.
(8) Decide realistically what you want out of life. Go after it zealously.
(9) Develop the will to achieve—the iron determination to live a richer, happier life. As Robert Frost has it, “The best way out is always through.”
(10) Heart-satisfying outlets in music, reading, art, liteature, sports are specific remedies to overcome inferiority feelings.
(11) Avoid self-denunciation. The girl who stays away from dances because she is self-conscious about her figure is making it more difficult for herself to ultimately overcome her inferiority complex. Becoming an excellent dancer will rid her of that particular anxiety.
(12) Don’t build a wall around yourself.
(13) Remember that everyone has feelings of inferiority. People—big or small—are so nearly alike that no one needs to feel inferior in the presence of another. We are all exposed to the same disappointments, frustrations, threats, illness, storms, accidents and wars. Our best defence is to build up an inner immunity against their impact on our morale. To accomplish this you start with the confidence that you can survive physically and emotionally the painful realities of life. If others can do you can too.


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