This blog is a communication platform for me through which, I intend to share my reasonable life experiences with you all reading this. You will find my feelings expressed here in the best possible way i can + will show my love for writing... As I very well was aware that no newspaper would allow me to write what i really want to write ;)... so I am using this perfect thing blog for the same..
So, be here to catch the funny, the naughty, the witty, the humorous, the hilarious things that revolve round my mind...


Monday, 23 April 2012

Life is Weird

Its wierd...when you have the answers,
But no questions are asked!
You wait patiently, hoping they will be thrown at you,
But time has passed and your answers have left
even bigger questions in your head...

Its wierd...when you are crying your heart out,
And when asked why- you dont kno!
Yes, something went wrong,
But you cant get what it was
But then, you know that this is all you want to do...
Just cry...

Its wierd...when you are so angry,
That smiling is the last thing you can do!
Yet, thats exactly what is expected of you...
And you are smiling; youn want to lash out at everyone around you!
But you just smile and tap them on their back...

Its wierd...when you are desperate to forget something,
But people around you keep talking about it!
You walk out of the room,
You close your eyes...and its there,
In your thoughts again!
You want to scream, but how can you?
People dont know what is eating you from within!
Do they care?

Its wierd...when you ask someone what life is,
And all you get is silence!
We might be living this life everyday...
But no one seems to know all about it!
Isnt that wierd?
Yes, Life is Wierd!!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Installing Love !!!

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. So, let me try to teach the same to you at this very tender age.

Ahhhhhhh…… uhhhhhh….. before you reach to read ahead of this topic.. I want you all to feel some love with the breeeeze of love flowing around this article (flowing since the time I was writing this). So people, let’s minimize all other applications running to let LOVE installed into you.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Can you afford to let go Lakhs of Rupees in Air as Smoke???

You might have come across many advertisements and articles about simple money saving tips over the media like using energy efficient lamps saves you electricity bill, cooking food using a lid saves your gas expenses, end the costly subscription of your TV and make your life jhinga laala by saving your money again. And for young ones - drop the idea of cappuccino this weekend or a dinner date to zoom out your savings. Though all these measures are worth considering but you my smart reader, can save much bigger amount every year if you just take good care of yourself and your family members. I am talking about the biggest hole maker in your pocket - CIGARETTE.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

One Flaw In Women

We all are surrounded by them. (Ohhh chuck.. Please don't complain that you aren't) Yes, you are surrounded by them in one or the other form. So, while having an eye on them (I meant the observation part here) I have EUREKOUSLY (originated from the original word Eureka Eureka ;)) found a flaw in women.
As I have grown to understand myself and my own psychological tendencies more I have also noticed some psychological tendencies, pathologies and recently a flaw in women about which I am gonna try to write here.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Learn to Say NO !!!

Imagine a person continuously saying haanji haanji haanji haaanji (yea yea yea yea)..!!! w/o even taking a notice, listening or thinking about the words being said by his confronter. He is a man, yea only a man could do that 'cause I have seen no woman doing that till now in my life... and we are going to consider him as a real nice, jolly man having no hard feelings in his heart for anyone. He makes other people laugh with his gained wits during his upbringing and tries to be as pleasing as he could be with everyone he meets. You just have to ask for a favor or request and an affirmative answer of haaanji haaanji haaaaanji zarur ji zarur would be buzzing in your head the same moment again with no thinking of what has been asked or what not has not been asked for. No doubt, some might consider him even more good than I described but certainly he has a problem of not able to say no to even favors he doesn’t want to favor.