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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Can you afford to let go Lakhs of Rupees in Air as Smoke???

You might have come across many advertisements and articles about simple money saving tips over the media like using energy efficient lamps saves you electricity bill, cooking food using a lid saves your gas expenses, end the costly subscription of your TV and make your life jhinga laala by saving your money again. And for young ones - drop the idea of cappuccino this weekend or a dinner date to zoom out your savings. Though all these measures are worth considering but you my smart reader, can save much bigger amount every year if you just take good care of yourself and your family members. I am talking about the biggest hole maker in your pocket - CIGARETTE.
I bet if you are able to read this, you surely can count too :D. So, make a rough estimate of how much you spend in a month for your smoke thing. Let me take that approximately to Rupees 20,000/year, if you smoke 7 cigarettes a day. Quite a big amount that you are not saving and just fuming away in the form of smoke is affecting your health and life so badly even making you to visit the doctor frequently and paying his professional fees marking another pinch to you in the form of heavy expenditure. Isn't it ? Kick your butt, Now :D

Think about it, if you would have invested the same amount somewhere, you would have earned a handsome amount of interest over the years till now without even affecting your lungs and heart. Say, you invested Rupees 20000 every year @ 10 p.a. You know how much that amount will grow to in 10 years ??? Rupees 2,50,000 approx. I am sure you don't want to let that amount go as smoke in the air.